MARTINSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Fresh AF Farms knows a thing or two about microgreens. Microgreens are a young versions of green leafy vegetables that have a lot of health benefits. “They are more nutrient dense than their full grown version,” says owner, Kelsey Foor.

Kelsey says microgreens work well as a garnish on a salad.

Fresh AF Farms has about 30 different varieties of microgreens. They sell the greens in their store, farmer’s markets and to local restaurants.

“We’re in with JOOS, Golden Eagle, The Mayfield, and Blue Knob club house, so we’re all over,” says Foor. We hand poor them and decorate them ourselves. Instead of corn syrup we use a beet sugar alternative.”

“They’re a lot healthier for you, they don’t cause cavities,” says manager Alyssa Foor.

The business is run by Kelsey, her husband Kyle, and their manager, Alyssa Foor.

Fresh AF Farms is located at 518 South Market Street in Martinsburg, PA 16662.