July is Juvenile Arthritis Month and Aromatherapist Heather McKinney discusses how Essential Oils can help fight the disease and shares some tips to help limit inflammation.

Tips to Help Limit Inflammation

·         Whole Food Supplement

·         Probiotics

·         Enzymes

·         Frankincense Essential Oil

·         Deep Blue Rub

·         Clean, filtered water

·         Organic, Non-GMO, local food

·         Increased fruits, vegetables, leafy greens

·         Physical exercise & stretching

·         Meditation

·         Clean, fresh air

Get rid of

·         Refined Crabs (White bread, pastries)

·         Fried Foods

·         Sugary Drinks

·         Processed meat & foods

·         Margarine

·         Sedentary Lifestyle

·         Negative though patterns

·         Harmful Behaviors

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