Christy Beck from Beck Psychotherapy discusses mental health issues faced by men.

Male Populations at Risk:


Gay men

Men with drug and/or alcohol issues

Unemployed men

Barriers to treatment:

Men are less likely to seek treatment than women due to:

Social norms/stigma

Reluctance to talk

Downplaying symptoms

How to help/get help:

Free screenings at

Decrease stigma

Be supportive and non-judgmental


Mental Health Stats and Info:

List of Men’s Mental Health Resources:

PsychologyToday Article:


Beck Psychotherapy provides online screenings to help members of the community get treatment. Click the link for a free and anonymous screening. Beck Psychotherapy is located at 103 East Beaver Ave. Suite #2 in State College; you can call them at (814) 409-7744. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.