Christy Beck from Beck Psychotherapy discusses the difference between social drinking and problem drinking

Difference between alcohol use and alcohol abuse

–          nearly 90% of people drink alcohol in their lifetime, most drink in moderation

When social drinking turns into abuse

–          drinking begins to interfere in normal functioning

Signs drinking may becoming a problem:

–          drinking to calm your nerves, forget your worries, or reduce depression

–          lie about (or try to hide) drinking habits

–          hurt yourself or someone else while drinking

–          feel irritable, resentful, or unreasonable when not drinking

–          have medical, social, or financial worries caused by drinking

Signs of abuse:

–          a strong desire to use alcohol

–          an inability to stop drinking once it has begun

–          an increased tolerance for alcohol

–          physical signs of withdrawal from alcohol if it has been too long since the last drink

Taken from eMedTV.

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