This week schools across the nation are celebrating Catholic Schools Week and students are proving there’s no age limit to serve in your community.

Students at St. John’s Catholic School in Bellefonte will tell you crazy hair day is no joke.

It’s one of many perks they can enjoy with Catholic Schools Week, which Lara Oden, a 4th Grader at St. John’s Catholic School, explains comes with a bigger meaning.

“Catholic Schools Week is not just about the fun activities, it’s more about to appreciate things around you,” Lara said.

And remembering the importance of community service, something they do every month.

Michelle Davis, a 2nd Grade Teacher at St. John’s Catholic School, said “The continuous service projects show people that we think about them all the time.”

Davis said kids kindergarten through 5th grade work on projects and baskets of goodies for nursing homes,  area hospitals and local emergency crews.

Megan Weiser, a 2nd Grader at St. John’s Catholic School, said “Mostly, I liked helping people because I’m a Catholic here and I want to help.”

And Catholic Schools Week highlights that there’s no age limit to do a good deed.

Maddie Denezza, a junior at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, said “It teaches us not only how to be good students but also how to be good people.”

Denezza added that these are lessons students will carry on for the rest of their lives.

In high school they’re required to do 25 hours of service work and Peter Forstmeier says it let’s them reach out to a community that has always supported them.

“It’s not only a giving back to the community but it’s also sort of a recognition that’s saying thank you,” Forstmeier  said.

And Morgan says she’s old enough to know that integrating faith in her education is special.

“That we can learn about Jesus and reach out to people too,” Morgan said.