HUNTINGDON, Pa. (WTAJ) – A Broad Top City man is facing a felony charge after police say he was found hiding from U.S. Marshals behind a shower.

Landon Bralley, 29, of Broad Top City, is facing a felony charge for avoiding apprehension after he was found hiding from U.S. Marshals, Pennsylvania State Parole and Pennsylvania State Police Fugitive Task Force, according to a criminal complaint.

Bralley had previously been charged with and pleaded guilty for the same charge back in 2022.

On Oct. 19, law enforcement officials approached a residence where Bralley was believed to be to serve him with a parole warrant. After establishing a perimeter around the house, they knocked on the door and were given consent to enter the home by the home owner. The homeowner confirmed to officers that Bralley was in the residence but had fled to the rear of the house to hide.

Once inside, officers gave verbal commands for Bralley to present himself and informed him that there was a warrant for his arrest. Bralley allegedly did not comply with commands prompting police to search the home.

According to the criminal complaint, Bralley was eventually discovered in a bathroom hiding in a void behind the shower, covered by a portion of wall. Police say that when he came out from the void, he was aggressive and not compliant with commands.

Bralley was forcefully taken to the ground and placed in custody.

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After Bralley was removed from the bathroom, police report they found a piece of steel pipe in the void where he was hiding, within his immediate reach. He is facing a misdemeanor charge for possession of an offensive weapon.

Bralley is in Huntingdon County Prison on $100,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 1.