The ribbon is cut on a new location for Gardners Candies in DuBois.

“We’re really excited today. This is a special day for us and for DuBois,” President of Gardners Candies Sam Phillips said.

It’s not because they opened another store…it’s because they moved the store from the DuBois Mall to the plaza on East DuBois Avenue.

“We made this move to better serve our customers, easy to get to, easy to come in, beautiful store, and we’re really excited for our customers and the entire town,” Phillips said.

This is just one of Gardners’ recent moves.

Last week, the Johnstown store also moved out of the mall and into a new location.

Phillips said it’s because the company sees more opportunities outside of a mall setting.

Even though they left the DuBois Mall, there’s definitely no plans to leave DuBois.

“We’ve always been very successful and strong in the DuBois Market because of the customers, because of the people in town, we appreciate it and this is our way of saying thank you,” Phillips said.

Gardners Candies has been located in DuBois for more than 30 years.

The store will be celebrating its grand opening all day Saturday with free candy for everyone who comes in.