INDIANA COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ ) – Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman visited Indiana County Tuesday evening, despite it’s red vote history.

In the 2020 presidential election, former President Trump won Indiana County by a margin of 68% to 31%. Fetterman will continue his “every county, every vote” strategy with an event in “ruby red” Indiana County.

Fetterman met with supporters at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Kovalchick Center Lobby. Fetterman began by criticizing his opponent, Mehmet Oz, for his comments criticizing Fetterman’s health after he suffered a stroke in May.

“I truly, truly hope, that you do not have a doctor in your life, laughing at you,” Fetterman. said “Making fun of it. Saying that you can’t do the job that you have. Unfortunately, I do.”

Fetterman stayed on the attack, faulting Oz for his stance on several issues, including his stance on abortion.

“If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, how can you fight for Pennsylvania? How can a man that has ten mansions, thinks that seven twenty-five an hour is just fine? Dr. Oz might be a joke, but it’s not funny because abortion is at stake. Dr. Oz has said that every abortion is a murder.”

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It was an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, some of which were seeing Fetterman in person for the first time.

“He’s a good guy, he’s a strong leader,” Indiana Resident Judy Holliday said. “I think that we need to make sure that we stand behind him.”

“He’s down to Earth, working class, believes in unions,” retired coal miner Ron Airhart said. “It’s nice to hear people talking about unions again in this country. It’s been too long.”

Fetterman says that he will continue to ramp up his campaign, now less than fifty days until election day.