(WTAJ) — It might be hard to imagine the 1992 hit film ‘Encino Man’ with anyone other than Brendan Fraser, but a new video released by Pauly Shore shows Ben Stiller as the iconic and cool caveman from the ’90s.

Shore, who was one of the three iconic stars of the film with Fraser and Sean Astin (The Goonies), posted Stiller’s screen test on YouTube and Facebook, saying he found the vintage video in his “archives.”

“There’s been a lot of talk about Ben Stiller auditioning for the role of the Caveman Link in Encino Man many years ago … your wish is my command.
Here is BEN STILLER’S SCREEN TEST FROM ENCINO MAN that I found in my archives.
A lot of people don’t know Keith Coogan screen tested for the role of Dave, Sean Astin’s part. Jeff Maynard auditioned for my part — not cool dude!!”

Pauly Shore on Facebook

Fraser stars as Link, a caveman that was unearthed in a block of ice by two “loser” teens played by Astin and Shore. The duo is in for the surprise of a lifetime when the ice thaws and Link awakens. The only thing two ’90s high school seniors would do is give him a makeover and introduce him at school, and to their parents, as a foreign exchange student.

Reports on Stiller’s role in the film are a bit murky with conflicting accounts from Writer/producer George Zaloom and director Les Mayfield. According to slashfilm.com, Mayfield said that Stillr was great, but he ended up not being available — meanwhile, Zaloom recalled that Fraser nailed the role and he hated having to tell Stiller they didn’t need him anymore.

When you watch Stiller’s screen test, fans will notice differences pretty quickly, such as Caveman Link being named “BC” as well as Shore’s character “Stoney” being played by Manyard and having the name “Harold” in the screen test.

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Fraser, who has recently stepped back into the spotlight, has received critical acclaim for his latest film The Whale, a drastic change from his career in the ’90s doing comedy and action — c’mon, who doesn’t enjoy The Mummy franchise starring him?

You can check out Ben Stiller as ‘Encino Man’ by clicking here.