STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — With Halloween right around the corner, a local safety expert is sharing tips to stay safe.

Geisinger Program Integration Specialist Megan Benner said for kids, safety begins when picking out a costume. She said when you go to pick out your costume, think about whether or not it will be visible at night to drivers and other trick-or-treaters.

“If you can, put maybe like reflective lights on their costume,” Benner said. “Even letting them carry glow sticks so that drivers can see them as they’re walking.

She said kids should avoid baggy costumes so that they don’t trip and fall.

“Even if you want to put maybe something unique on their costume so that you can spot them in a crowd,” Benner said. “Or, if you wear something so that they know exactly what you’re wearing so that if you get a little distanced from them, they can spot you too and feel safe.”

If you or someone you know has allergies, Benner said to make sure you know what is being served at parties or what candies your child is being given during to keep them safe.

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Another area where safety plays a key factor: pumpkin carving.

“Letting them have paint, stickers, anything just to decorate the pumpkin at home,” Benner said. “You can do little things at home that might be crafty or little games, then you know they’re safe.”