(WTAJ)– The CDC is expected to relax some of its COVID-19 restrictions soon, just as kids start heading back to school.

The changes could allow schools to relax their strict “Social distancing” measures, which have already been effectively phased out by the CDC. They would also de-emphasize so-called “Test to stay” strategies, where students exposed to the virus take regular tests to stay in the classroom.

“So the “test to stay” strategies, where you’ve turned over a lot of infections that are asymptomatic and forced kids out of the classroom, I think they can lift those things at this point,” former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said. ” And that seems to be where CDC is heading.”

School superintendent of Hamburg Central School District Michael Cornell fully supports the possible changes.

“What we have to focus on, is making sure our kids experience joy, value and connection in school,” Cornell said.

Another potential update is that those exposed to COVID would no longer need to quarantine, vaccinated or not. Instead, the recommendation would be to mask for ten days and test five days after exposure. Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the CDC would still ask schools to remain vigilant.

“For example, notifying parents when there’s a close contact so parents can keep an eye on their children and get them tested,” Gottlieb said.

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Currently, only about 30-percent of children between the ages of five to eleven are fully vaccinated. More than 80-percent of Americans are living in areas with medium to high COVID rates.