(WTAJ) — Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have seen a slew of misinformation coming at us every way it can, but a new study shows that when it comes to the COVID vaccine, nearly 40% of unvaccinated Pennsylvanians don’t trust the government about it.

Analytical company and site QuoteWizard by Lending Tree has looked at data and showed the main reasons why unvaccinated people in the country aren’t getting vaccinated. In Pennsylvania, they report that 38% don’t trust the government and nearly 50% are worried about the side effects of the vaccine.

In Pennsylvania:

  • 48% are worried about side effects
  • 26% don’t believe they need it
  • 42% are waiting to see if it’s safe
  • 42% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines
  • 38% don’t trust the government
  • 23% don’t think COVID-19 is a threat

While the concern about side effects has reportedly dropped since early August by 10%, the percentage of people who don’t trust the vaccine went up by 5% while the number of unvaccinated Pennsylvanians who don’t trust the government went up by about 2%.

Percentages compared to early August from QuoteWizard

Nationwide, the high end of percentages of people not trusting the government reaches a whopping 53% in Colorado with a low of 25% in Vermont.

National numbers:

  • Nationwide, 56% (54% in early August) of people say concerns over side effects are keeping them from getting the vaccine.
  • The number of people who say they don’t trust the vaccine has risen from 37% to 44% since early August.
  • The number of people who say they won’t get the vaccine because they don’t trust the government went from 28% to 38% in August.
  • Nearly 21% of people don’t think COVID-19 is a threat, up from 20% in early August.

You can check out QuoteWizard’s full analysis of every state by click here.

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