SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — A unique, touching tribute outside the Flight 93 National Memorial Visitors Center brings life to the faces of those 40 passengers lost on September 11.

Artists from across the country have come to Flight 93’s crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, to create chalk portraits of each passenger.

“This is a great way to kind of bring these people back to life for a moment and be able to learn about who they were, the lives they had aboard that plane, before they got aboard that plane, and what perished on that plane,” Erik Greenawalt, the artist who organized the tribute.

The artists get to know every detail of the passenger’s facial physicality and personality through conversations with Flight 93 family members.

“When you’re doing a portrait about a person you want to not only capture the likeness, but you also want to share what was special about that person, which was really unique for us because we each had four people that we were not only able to learn about, but also take into our own pieces,” said Dave Brenner, artist.

The portraits are available for the public to view outside the Visitors Center.