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The Oil Heat Association of Central Pennsylvania (OHACPA) provides resources for homeowners and business owners who use oil heat to learn about new heating technologies and easy ways to save energy. Heating oil is a clean energy source that offers a safe way to heat your property each winter. Our goal is to present you with helpful information for your heating needs each year and to be available to answer any questions you may have about heating with oil. Read More about our mission.

OHACPA is offering up to $500 in rebates for the replacement of old heating oil tanks and equipment. Save up to $500 when you upgrade your fuel tank, oil-fired furnace, or oil-fired boiler. If your home has an old fuel tank or heating oil equipment, you likely qualify!

How old is your fuel storage tank, oil furnace or oil boiler? Don’t know? As old as the house? 20+ years old? Now is the time to think about replacement!

Why Upgrade?

Take advantage of the safety and cleanliness of a new fuel oil tank when you upgrade to a new above ground storage tank through Upgrade & Save PA. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with more dependable heating equipment and save on energy costs each heating season when you upgrade you furnace or boiler. Want to learn more or find out if you qualify? Your local energy provider can easily answer all of questions. Once your upgrade is complete, enjoy the warmth and the savings!

Your Upgrade & Save PA rebate is just the beginning of the many benefits you’ll discover when you choose to upgrade your fuel storage tank, oil furnace or oil boiler for your Central PA home.

  • Cleaner burning fuel
  • Increased property value
  • No more worrying about leaks
  • And now, an extra $250 – $500 in your pocket!

This year as you prepare for the heating season, rest assured that your heating oil tank and heating equipment is ready by installing a new, modern, and clean tank or oil heating system! Invest in your heating system to keep your home and family safe, warm, and comfortable.

Oil Heat Association of Central PA
528 N. First Street
Bellwood, PA 16617

Phone: (814) 742-8438
Karen Padula, Secretary

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