Shoes, we use them to run, we use them for jumping, and skipping, but students at fifth grader Joey Gearhart’s school, Marion Walker Elementary, were telling the school nurse their shoes weren’t good enough for gym class.

“I decided to raise money for my school, because the nurse had no shoes and kids were complaining they had shoes that were too small,” Gearhart, said.

Joey told friends and family he wanted to raise money to buy shoes for kids at his school.
In about two weeks he collected $220, which bought 22 pairs of sneakers from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

He gave them to his school nurse to give to kids at P.E. who have worn out shoes or do not have adequate shoes for P.E.

“Since that delivery two weeks ago he has been given over four hundred more dollars in donations to continue providing sneakers to local schools,” Erin, said.

He just bought 20 more pairs with $300, to give to Bellefonte elementary school. He will use the rest of the money and more potential funds that come to buy more sneakers for the school.

“Since this started, we have had one of his friend’s parents who wants to give a donation say that his friend would like to find something to do just similar to joey,” Erin, said.

“It’s better to give, but even though I’m 10, I like to receive stuff,” Joey, said.

To help Joey buy shoes for more kids, you can call Marion Walker Elementary school.