Bedford County, PA (WTAJ) – The 9/11 Promise bike crew started at the Pentagon Memorial in Washington, D.C. and almost two-hundred miles later, here they are in Bedford County.

“We’ve been riding for two days. One-hundred and ninety-one miles I believe. Today was probably the hardest a lot of hills out here in Pennsylvania.” – Harold Summers Jr. /Firefighter, New Jersey

These first responders and professional bikers are riding with a goal in mind — to remember and honor those who lost their lives for their country on 9/11 and raising money for the children of first responders.

One rider talked about how as they approach the Flight 93 memorial, she’s reminded of everyone who fought that day.

“All you keep thinking about is that crew on flight ninety three and no matter how hard those hills were today, it can’t be possibly nearly as hard as the fight they did to get that plane to go down.” – Kelly Montesano/ Firefighter ,New Jersey

Altough they’ve been sweating for days now, their attitude has been nothing but positive.

After leaving bedford they’ll arrive at their last stop in Shanksville PA.