Police say Hanson Quarry, just off of Rimmey Road in Centre Hall, is where Ronald Bettig was murdered.
The beloved professor at Penn State was killed on August 12th and officials say George Ishler Jr. is facing charges for his murder.
The 39-year old is the uncle of Danelle Geier, who was also Bettig’s girlfriend.
Police say he was the one who reported Bettig as a missing person on August 15th, and just two days later Bettig’s car was discovered near the quarry.
Ishler told police he took Bettig to the quarry, telling him that it would be a good place to harvest marijuana. 
When they arrived, Ishler said he intentionally pushed Bettig over the edge, causing him to fall nearly 80 feet to his death.
Geier was also at the scene but her sister, Angela Hill, said Geier had no intention of being a part of the murder.
“Not at all. Not even one percent do I believe that my sister could’ve done that,” Hill said.
Hill said Bettig and her sister shared a special love story.
She said that at one point Geier and her baby were homeless and Bettig took the and gave them a place to stay.
After some time, Hill said the two fell for each other and Bettig had plans to propose.
In a police report, Ishler said he had reason to believe they were included in Bettig’s Last Will adding that they may financially benefit from Bettigs death.
Hill said her sister denies that.
Ishler is facing 1st and 3rd degree murder charges.
Currently, there’s no word if Danelle Geier will face charges.