ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Some furry friends made a visit to The Temple Beth Israel on Sunday. Animals were there, with their owners to receive an annual blessing.

The blessing is usually done around this time because it’s when Jewish people around the world take time to study and learn the story of Noah and the Ark, and how he saved so many animals.

“It’s our opportunity in the fall every year to get people together with the animals that they have brought into their homes, and into their lives, and offer them blessing and thanks for everything that they do for us,” Audrey Korotkin, the Rabbi of the temple said.

The blessing starts with scriptures and stories from the Bible. People from the group, then share what they’ve learned from their pets, and what they’ve learned by caring for their animals.

Darlene Cupp is not a member of the temple but brought her dog to blessed anyway.

“I believe a dog or a cat, any animal needs a blessing the same as a person does,” she said.

The blessing concludes with a prayer and the promise to care for your animals and learn from them.

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“The Talmud even teaches that we should feed our animals before we feed ourselves, Rabbi Audrey said.