It has been a little over three years since Kenneth Leighty was convicted of killing his daughter-in-law, Sherry.

Investigators believe Leighty was the last person to see Sherry alive when he drove her to work in October 1999. 
For 13 years, police did not consider Sherry a missing person.  Her husband thought she ran off with another man. 
In April 2013, Leighty lead police to his 150-acre Huntingdon County property where he buried Sherry’s body.  He’s been behind bars ever since. 
Three years later, Sherry’s family is still learning to cope. 
“Whenever I found the person she was supposed to have left with in 1999, went to the police telling them that he said that never happened and then it went from there,” said Sherry’s sister, Shelly Nagle.
From then on, Nagle started a journal to document the investigation and to help her heal. 
“Now knowing what happened kind of helps you heal,” she said. “I don’t believe in closure. The only closure would be if my sister walked through the door and that’s not gonna happen either.”
Kenneth Leighty was convicted in 2013.  That is when Nagle got to work on her book.
“Oh it was very difficult,” Nagle said. “There were months that I didn’t write because it was hard. My purpose was to get my sister’s story out there through my point of view obviously because she’s not here to tell it, but also to give hope to other people who are going through the same situation who have a missing loved one or even an unsolved homicide.”
She pulled from her journal and everything she kept from the investigation. 
“A lot of my book, too, is from court documents, obviously newspaper from the news.”
Her self-published book, “Through A Sister’s Eyes: My Struggle to Find the Truth”, went up for sale on Amazon in April.  Nagle never expected more than 100 people to have already bought it.
“I don’t forgive the monster that took my sister from us and I may never forgive him,” she said. “I know I’m supposed to, but that’s okay. He put us through a lot. I may not have got justice here on earth, but he’ll have to pay for his crime eventually.”
Kenneth Leighty will be up for parole in 2020.