CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Bellefonte’s borough council will be discussing an increase in real-estate taxes for property owners during its Dec. 6 meeting.

According to borough manager Ralph Stewart the proposed increase is by .5 mil, which he says translates into an about $22-$23 increase a year.

“Nobody likes increases, but it equates to about $2 a month,” said Stewart.

Stewart says the reason behind the increase is to help with the borough’s General Fund.

“We have a local police department which we’re really proud of, we have a very fine streets department which we’re very proud of. Those services come out of the General Fund which we’re needing an increase in,” said Stewart.

According to Stewart, they’ve been struggling to keep up with costs as the borough’s natural tax base just doesn’t grow fast enough.

“So in order to maintain the same level of services we need about $50,000 to make the budget balance and half a mil would do that for us,” said Stewart.

During their Dec. 6 meeting, council will vote on and approve a tentative budget, which will then be posted on the borough’s website on Dec. 8 for the community to inspect and review.

“And then at the next meeting if somebody would like to voice comments in person or in writing they’re welcome to do that before council acts on the formal budget,” said Stewart.

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