A political action committee in Centre County says their local government officials don’t adequately represent them. 

Organizers behind BugPAC said they created the committee out of frustration of State College Borough Council ignoring the issues college students bring to them. 

“In what town in America can elected officials so blatantly ignore and insult 70 percent of their constituency and continually get re-elected year after year? That is not democracy,” Terry Ford, co-chairman of BugPAC said Tuesday. 

About 100 students showed up at the HUB-Robeson Center on Penn State’s campus in support of the committee that wants to put four candidates on borough council. 

Marina Cotarelo, a graduate student, is one of the endorsed candidates.

“With a majority of the borough population being students and young professionals, I feel like they need adequate representation,” Cotarelo said. 

Candidates said students believe current council members are targeting them with zoning codes for student housing and ordinances. 

Councilman Evan Myers said he’s looking forward to working alongside students and addressing these concerns. 

“It’s important that you stay involved and get more involved. Because the only way that we can solve these issues is if we all work together,” Myers said. 

Click here to learn more about BugPAC and the four candidates organizers are endorsing for the May 16 primary election in Pennsylvania.