CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – After more than 15 years of searching the Lilly-Washington Township Memorial Park has received a WWII memento.

The addition at the Cambria County park is the recently acquired gun-howitzer from World War II. They received the piece of equipment from West Virginia. This type of artillery weapon is a hybrid between a cannon and a machine gun.

The gun-howitzer played a significant role in many battles during the war and its acquisition is a valuable addition to the memorial.

Bob Monahan, a seasoned veteran who served in the Korean War and lives in the town of Lilly, has extensive knowledge and experience working with various types of machinery including the gun-howitzer.

“I am elated you know after all these years. I was a member of an artillery ballistic team, and we calibrated artillery pieces so that they would get more accurate fire,” Monahan said.

Many of the veterans who attended the ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 11 expressed their deep sense of pride and gratitude as they showcased one of the formidable machines that selflessly protected our country.

Chad Pysher, a member of the American Legion, stated that this monument will serve as a reminder.

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“Everyone in all the branches and everyone in that branch to do what we have to do for our nation. The sacrifice those who made for this nation particularly those whos’ names are on the wall that gave their lives for this community and our nation,” Pysher said.

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