BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) Charges will be dropped against a Bedford County man after shooting a Black Lives Matter activist who was on his property.

The dismissal of charges against Terry Myers is pending his cooperation and truthful testimony from the 2020 shooting between him and Orsino ‘Cino’ Thurman according to Bedford District Attorney, Lesley Childers-Potts.

In August 2020, a group of activists were marching to Washington D.C. and in the process, they made their way into Bedford County. Video footage from Facebook shows that Myers shot at Thurman and the group for coming across his property.

Thurman was reportedly heard saying on the Facebook video how he was hit and “I hit him, too.”


Myers, who is facing assault charges, based on court documents, showed up in court for his preliminary hearing in late 2021. Myers was charged with aggravated assault, 19 counts of reckless endangerment of another person and 19 counts of simple assault.

According to Bedford County District Attorney Lesley Childers-Potts, most of the major charges against Myers were dropped, pending his testimony and cooperation. Orsino, however, never showed in Bedford County to face his charges. A Facebook live post that was later deleted showed Thurman in Ohio, as he claimed he was on his way back to Pennsylvania from Wisconsin to handle this situation. An event that reportedly never happened.

Thurman was caught in Illinois in a police stand-off. While held in prison, DA Potts fought for his extradition back to Bedford County. After finally obtaining a Governor’s Warrant to combat Thurman’s lawyer, he was finally given his day in court and given a $350,000 bail based on being a flight risk that may never come back to Pennsylvania.

Myers’ charges will be dropped, with prejudice, pending his cooperation with the Bedford Count District Attorney based on facts and truth of the case ahead of them., according to the District Attorney’s office.

WTAJ has sent a message to Thurman’s attorney, who appears to be fighting all charges, based on the DA’s statement.

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