Election offices rushed to update their computers after a court ruling put a senate candidate back on the ballot.

We have more on preparations for Tuesday’s primary.

In Clearfield, the provisional and sample ballots were already printed, so they made up sheets to tell voters they can write in to vote for the new candidate.

A legal notice advertised a public voting machine test on Thursday, which election workers decided to do after we showed up.

Elections director Dawn Graham says she’s expecting a big turnout on Tuesday, similar to 2008.

Graham says their county IT department had to update the machines to include Joseph Vodvarka for U.S. Senate, who had been taken off the ballot in March.

“The decision came down on Tuesday, so we had to re-program some of our media. We had to re-program the flash cards, and the PEBs. We’re almost done with that, so that’ll be done today and we pack everything tomorrow, and it’ll be going out all on Monday.”

Graham says there’s a judicial retirement question on the ballot that they just learned will not count until it re-appears in November.

In Clearfield County, election office figures show nearly 52,000 voters, with Republicans leading slightly, by about 4,000.

In the past five months, the number of Republicans went up about 1,100, while Democrats dropped by 300, voter figures show.  The total number of voters went up by 660.