In Clearfield County, dozens of fire departments came out to honor a junior firefighter who died earlier this week. 

They were at Sunday’s funeral service in Mahaffey for 15-year-old Thane Lucas.

 Mahaffey Fire Chief Bryan Sheeder and Deputy Chief Josh Bush say Thane Lucas was one of the hardest working junior firefighters.  

“He was a young firefighter and it may not seem like much, but he was devoted to putting his time into training helping around our station,” remembered Deputy Fire Chief Josh Bush.  

He says Thane and his brother often worked together.

“They pulled all 18 hundred feet off and re-stacked it, spent a weekend cleaning it up and all that, they were just devoted.” 

The fire department’s engine was the first of many in the procession, stopping under the ladders, for a moment to honor Thane. 

Chief Sheeder says this was one of the hardest things he’s ever done as chief.

“It was just everything the kid did, he always put a smile on your face.” 

Sheeder has special plans for thane’s firefighter turnout gear.

 “We’re retiring a set of gear and helmet that Thane was wearing through his training. We’re retiring it and giving it to the family,” explained Sheeder.

Dozens of departments from across Central Pennsylvania traveled to Mahaffey Sunday to mourn with the fire department and community.  

It meant a lot to the Mahaffey firefighters to have their brothers there. 

“Just to know that we are still a brotherhood and the fire department grew up on a brotherhood. We stick together no matter how far away our companies are or how close we are,” said Bush. 

Sheeder says they’ll be mourning Thane and remember him on every call. 

“Tighten back up, get back on the engines, go out to do what we have to do and that’s what Thane would want.”

Mahaffey firefighters are selling special memorial stickers to honor the junior firefighter. 

 All the proceeds will go to Thane’s family.