(WTAJ) — One of the best-selling cookies of all time, Girls Scouts Thin Mints, is now a seasoning you can add to all your favorite recipes.

B&G Foods announced the seasoning made up of chocolate powder, mint flavor, and cookie crumbles will be available at Sam’s Club locations with a bigger national rollout later this year.

Fans of Thin Mints will no longer have to wait for Girl Scout cookies to go on sale. You can keep the seasoning in stock for your coffee, pancakes, ice cream, and more.

“The demand for our fun flavored seasoning blends continues to grow, proving that consumers crave the flavors of their favorite cookies and sweets, and are eager to explore them in new forms,” says Julie Gould, senior director brand marketing, spices & flavor solutions, B&G Foods. “We’re excited to license the Girl Scout Cookie flavors and launch a seasoning blend in a delicious and versatile cocoa and mint flavor, inspired by their #1 Girl Scout Cookie, Thin Mints.”

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Recently, B&G has been grinding up America’s favorite sweets and snacks, including Snickers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to create unique — and delicious — flavorings to put on milkshakes, party dips, french toast and more.