Veterans who have passed on are getting their name engraved a tile, for a special memorial from a funeral director in Reade Township. Charlie McQuown is the owner of McQuown’s funeral home in Glasgow. He came up with the idea to honor the veterans by posting their name on the tiles, for the military members who had their services through him. 

McQuown began by going to a local cemetary and searching decades of his own records. Howecer, for McQuown, it’s a personal story. He has many family members who are veterans, including his father. John E. McQuown Sr. was a World War Two Veteran, who died in 1987. Charlie said his father’s tile was the first one placed on the pillar. 

Since then, McQuown has hung 30 tiles a year, and will continue to do so until he no longer is able to, or finishes the list. McQuown says once the pillars are filled up, he will move to an inside wall, where there is plenty of space. 

There is some missing records from a time before McQuown took over the funeral home, dating back to the 1800’s. McQuown says anyone who can prove their buried military member had their services at his funeral home, he will be more than willing to buy them a tile.