Yard signs usually come down following election season, but some multicolored, multilingual signs are spreading throughout the borough. 

The signs read ‘No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor’ in Arabic, English, and Spanish languages. 

A Mennonite church came up with the idea to highlight marginalized groups called out during the 2016 election season. 

Kevin Lowe, a State College resident, bought a sign to put outside his home. 

Lowe’s home is located along a busy roadway and hopes the sign spreads positivity along the way. 

“It’s not confrontational, it’s not aggressive, I think it’s positive and I hope it does spread further,” Lowe said. 

Erica Frankenberg, another State College resident, finds that the signs represent a safe space. 

“We need more people who are diverse here to make it a more vibrant community and so to make sure that they don’t feel like they need to go elsewhere to feel welcome,” Frankenberg said. 

Ben Wideman, a campus pastor at Penn State, distributes the signs. 

He said the signs have potential of gaining nationwide attention. 

“I hope that these signs create a conversation,” Wideman said. “I hope that when people set them on their lawn, people will stop and read the message and they’ll be able to ask questions and a relationship will be formed that wasn’t there initially.” 

The signs cost $10. 

They aren’t tied to any political or religious organizations. 

Part of the proceeds go towards Third Way Collective, a Penn State organization dedicated to peace, justice, and faith. 

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