BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Healing Patch Children’s’ Grief Program helps area kids who have lost loved ones. But since the spread of COVID-19, they realized that many people are dealing with different types of loss.

Children, teens, and adults are missing out on time with family, physical touch, and milestones in their lives. Since the implementation of the stay at home order,the Healing Patch had to cancel their group counseling sessions. But counselors recognized that many people are grieving and not just those who have lost someone to a death.

Volunteer Coordinator & Grief Specialist, Shalen Steinbugl says “there are so many changes and things are bring postponed and for young kids especially, this is really hard for them to understand. There are just so many changes. People are experiencing grief for the first time or those who have lost a loved one are having those feelings of grief resurface.”

They started trying to help through their website and Facebook page where they’re creating videos, sharing stories, and making lists to help folks get through these tough times. One of the charts they created is called “The OK’s of COVID-19.” It was designed to remind people not to be hard on themselves during situations that may be out of their control. Steinbugl, says “some of them are: It’s okay to have both good and bad days, it’s okay to give yourself grace regarding your own mental and emotional capabilities, its okay to be more forgiving about your physical limitations too and its okay to recognize that you are only in control of yourself and your own behaviors.

You can find the list of “OK’s of COVID-19” here.