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#ICan challenge for pancreatic cancer research

You can catch a great event and join the fight against cancer.
The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation will be raising money for pancreatic cancer research through ice cream and pies.
At the Fullington trailways tailgate at 10A.M. There will be an ice cream eating competition, where sponsors will be supporting the foundation financially.
One of the students competiting tomorrow says the flavor for this competition has been hand selected.

“We decided to choose black raspberry yogurt, because pancreatic cancer, the color for that is purple and upcoming in November is pancreatic cancer awareness month, and so what better way to spread the message than some purple ice cream,” Josh Cobler, Penn State Student, said.

After the ice cream competition, you’ll have the chance to throw a pie in our very own, John Clay’s face. The $10 for each pie will go all towards the foundation.