A special tree lighting was held in Blair County Monday. 
Lights of Love is a special program put on by the Home Nursing Agency. 
You may have noticed some trees in our area that have been lit up blue and white for the program. 
Now there was a special tree ceremony the at the Home Nursing Agency’s Adult Center for Exceptional Learning which was decked out in both colors. 
White lights represented the hospice program and blue was for grief services for families. 
At the tree lighting, clients with the program enjoyed a reading of the Twas the Night Before Christmas and some Christmas carols. 
We caught up with the director of the center who says their tree was important to both the staff and clients. 
She says over the years, they’ve grieved for many people and their families who have made their way through the center’s doors. 
“That person becomes a part of your family and when they pass on it’s so hard because not only do you lose the member that you took care of and all of their families too, because you get close to the person you’re supporting and their family as well, explained Lorrie Hetager. 
The tree that was lit up at the center was donated by the Lakemont Partnership. 
All of the Home Nursing Agency locations have their white and blue lights up to represent hospice and grief this holiday season.