HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A choir from the UK came to the rescue of a Huntingdon County 5-year-old who was having trouble sleeping.

“It was just the nightmares were really creepy,” Roslyn Kane said. “I started thinking it was real, but it really wasn’t real.”

Roslyn seemed to find some peace through music. She especially enjoyed a sea shanty posted on YouTube that is being sung by the Bristol MAN Chorus.

For some reason the song helped her fall asleep.

“So we thought maybe we could thank them and then ask if they could record some kind of a personalized good night message we could play,” Richard Kane, Roslyn’s dad, said. “It was a long shot, but we heard back in minutes.”

Sam Burns is the musical director for the Bristol MAN Chorus. When he got the the message from Roslyn’s dad he immediately sent her a comforting bedtime message, but he also took it a step further and wrote a lullaby just for her.

“I didn’t really mean to write it,” Sam explained. “It just popped into my head complete. It came out whole. Just as a simple response to a little girl’s need I guess.”

Roslyn’s Lullaby was the first song Sam has written in 25 years. He also arranged it for his choir to sing it together over zoom.

“To be able to do this by doing such a small thing, but from so many thousands of miles away, it’s beyond words,” Sam said. “It’s a real, real honor for us all. It chokes me up.”

We can all learn something from music. It can bring us together no matter the distance.

“It is really important that people understand that there are great people still out in the world doing great things for total strangers,” Richard said.

The tune is inspiring people across the world.

It’s a song Roslyn will have forever and a reminder of her new found friends from across the pond.