SUMMERHILL, Pa. (WTAJ) — Recently the PA Farm show announced its ‘Butter Up’ contest – where participants could enter their own butter sculptures for a prize. Our Morgan Koziar caught up with a 24-year-old Cambria county man who entered his sculpture, and it has caught the attention of many people.

Garret McCall has always considered himself to be a creative person, using many different mediums as an outlet to express his creativity. Garret has made beautiful pumpkin carving designs, drawings, and pie dough work, and now -butter! Garret’s family and friends encouraged him to enter the contest, and he decided to give it a go! Garret’s faith is something that is really important to him, so he wanted to show his devotion to Christ and incorporate the theme of agriculture.

“I’m always like trying to show the light of Christ in all things that I do,” said McCall.

Garret says working with the butter was tough at times because of how cold everything had to be.

“You want to have cold ice water here and your hands basically have to be numb to work on the butter because if your hands are warm the butter is going to melt. I had all of the windows open in the garage so it was like 30 degrees in here,” said McCall.

The project took Garret a few hours over the course of about four nights. He says he used wire, chicken wire, and hot glue to build the base, but everything else is made entirely out of butter.

The PA Farm show requested that participants use locally made butter, so Garret went to Vale Wood Farms for some supplies. He used a series of sculpting tools, and knives to get the look that he wanted, and the responses that he’s received have been amazing.

“A lot of people have been writing a lot of nice things on Facebook and cool comments so it’s pretty cool to see that,” said Garret.

While he wouldn’t mind winning, Garret says he entered the competition all in fun. But if he were to win, he wouldn’t keep the money. “If I won I’d use the money to use the money to buy food and then donate it to St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry,” says Garret.

Voting ends at 1 p.m. on January 22, 2021. To enter your vote visit the PA Farm Show’s Facebook page and give your favorite submission a “like.”