BOALSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Centre County resident is in his final days of training for a 50-mile relay race and at 103 years old, he has quite the experience.

George Etzweiler is training for the Tussey Mountainback 50-mile relay race that’s happening on Oct. 22 in Boalsburg.

This year, he’s been training three days a week to prepare for his 3.4-mile stretch alongside other members of the “Old Men of the Mountains” team where he serves as the leader. His son, Larry, also joins in on the practice.

“I went to work and got together a team of guys over 65 and in 2007, that was our first time we ran this race,” Etzweiler said.

George Etzweiller training for the

This race is nothing new to Etzweiler, who has been running since he was 49 years old.

“He’s mentally very sharp. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met,” teammate Jay Maynard said. “I just hope that whatever he’s got rubs off on me.”

Etzweiler is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a former Penn State professor. He holds world records for his age in the Mt. Washington Road Race, which is a 7.6-mile climb.

“My career was spent working in geriatrics so I’m used to being around the old and the very old, but I have never met anyone quite like George who at 103 is doing what he’s doing,” team member Michael Murray said.

When he spoke with WTAJ, Etzweiler had some words of advice to share with potential runners.

“Don’t eat meat, exercise, join a group that has a lot of fun,” he said.