HOME, INDIANA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — For any hunter, getting their first buck is an experience they’ll always remember.

Lucas with his buck

For 11-year-old Lucas McCormick, bagging his buck was all smiles and a moment that is now spreading joy around the world.

“He’s amazed by the views,” Kayla McCormick, Lucas’s mom said.

On the first week of deer season, Lucas was so excited to get that buck. His mom posted pictures of him with it on the Facebook page PA Trophy Takers. It also showed how his father built a system he could use to shoot it all on his own.

The post is reaching more people than the family could have ever imagined.

“So I posted to that page and she just kept saying you have this many views and I was like, ‘what,'” Kayla explained. “Then I had people texting me, calling me and emailing me.”

Lucas has an infectious smile. It’s the kind of smile that brightens everyone’s day. His grin says a lot about how he is raised. He was born at 26 weeks. He was just 1lb. 14oz.

“They didn’t think anything until like two days before I left the NICU,” Kayla said. “They saw shading on the brain, but they couldn’t diagnose him with cerebral palsy until he was one year old.”

Lucas was born at 26 weeks. He was just 1lb.oz.

It has been a tough journey, but Lucas is one tough kid.

“It’s amazing what he goes through and he smiles through everything,” Kayla said.

The smile all starts with his family who makes sure nothing stands in the way of his dreams.

“He does everything,” Daniel McCormick, Lucas’s dad said.

An avid hunter, Daniel engineered a system so the 11-year-old can have the freedom to hunt by himself.

“He does that with a button,” Daniel demonstrated. “He just pushes it and it sends power to it and he pulls the trigger.”

He is now able to not only shoot the gun himself, but also see the deer on a screen attached to the device.

Lucas and his dad with the new system that lets him shoot and see deer on his own

“Now he can actually see the deer he is shooting on the screen,” Daniel said.

“Before we were just like, ‘hey there’s a deer coming pull the string,'” Kayla explained. “And it’s like now he can see it. He can get the excitement of being able to see the deer and shoot it.”

It’s all because of the determination of a loving father that Lucas got that first buck and gave us a smile that everyone needs to see.

“I even had a veteran say he has really down days and just seeing his smile made his day,” Kayla said. “It’s amazing.”

With the original post getting tens of thousands of shares and counting, Lucas is touching more lives than he knows and that’s the ultimate prize.

Kayla said people have reached out offering Lucas a hunt in places like Missouri and Maine.

Lucas does have a special way he wants to mount his buck and Swarthout’s Skull Works in Roaring Branch, Tioga County is doing it for the family for free.

The 6th grader also said his dream is to become a YouTuber where he and his brother upload videos of themselves playing video games.

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