Two new smart homes are on the market in State College, but they are giving a whole new meaning to affordable housing.

Construction started in June of last year and is almost complete.

The duplexes started out as a class project for Penn State students focusing on architecture and engineering. The idea was to have a zero-energy duplex.

The properties have double insulation, an air-tight frame, energy efficient appliances, windows and solar panels. Utility costs should be around $10 a month. 

“It makes a lot of sense. No matter whether your interests are, saving the planet or just simply saving money. Making high-performance homes makes a lot of sense for everyone,” Associate Dean of Penn State’s College of Arts & Architecture Scott Wing said.

The buyer would only purchase the home itself because the State College Community Land Trust owns the land. The concept is designed for someone on a budget.

Each home is $187,500 and only a first-time buyer with a maximum income of $69,000 will be considered. State College Community Land Trust Executive Director Colleen Ritter said maintaining this requirement will set up all future owners with an affordable option.

For more information on the homes from the State College Community Land Trust, CLICK HERE.