CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three people are accused of stealing items from a home that was in the process of being sold after it was discovered to have been burglarized.

Stephen Ladd, 28, of DuBois and Erica Curran, 32, of DuBois were reported in court documents to have entered the home along Scribner Avenue. Another man who was reportedly involved in the burglary has not been identified.

DuBois City police were informed by a caller on Jan. 15 the residence had been “ransacked.” When officers arrived they spoke with a woman who said she was buying the house and had discovered there was a burglary. Officers were told the suspects had possibly entered the home through the basement door.

According to court documents, doors leading to the basement were slightly open and the handles were either unlocked or missing a lock.

Stephen Ladd, 28, of DuBois. Image provided by the Clearfield County Prison.

Police then spoke to the homeowner who recently put all of her possessions in boxes. She told police she had a large number of items in the home but did not have them thrown all over. According to the criminal complaint, multiple televisions, guns, autographed sports memorabilia, alcohol and dinnerware were all reported stolen.

Later on Jan. 23, a woman reported to police Ladd had assaulted her multiple times at her home. The woman also claimed Ladd along with his friend Curran and another man had broken into the Scribner Avenue home.

The woman told officers the three of them entered the home through the basement and had stolen multiple bags of items including guns.

Police later questioned Ladd after he agreed to come to the station for an interview. When asked about the burglary, Ladd admitted he went into the home through the basement multiple times within the last month, according to court documents. He also said Curran and the man went with him on two occasions.

Erica Curran, 32, of DuBois. Image provided by the Clearfield County Prison.

Ladd told officers they removed all the items that were previously described by the homeowner and said he helped Curran and the man carry the items to a home along Washington Avenue.

According to police, a search warrant was carried out at the Washington Avenue residence where Curran and the man were arrested. When questioned by officers, the two admitted to stealing the items but claimed they did not take any guns or TVs. The autographed sports memorabilia and dinnerware were found in the home but police did not find the guns or TVs, according to the criminal complaint.

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Ladd and Curran were both arraigned on Tuesday, Jan. 24 and placed in the Clearfield County Prison unable to post bail. The two were charged with felony criminal trespass and theft. Charges against the man are unknown at this time.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 3.