Three people have been arrested, on charges of  plotting to retaliate against witnesses in a child rape case. The charges by the Blair County District Attorney involve the case of an Altoona man convicted of multiple counts of rape of a child and related sexual offenses.

The jury found 23-year-old Alex Plowman guilty of fourteen criminal charges on May 3. Alex Plowman’s been arrested again on five charges, including solicitation of criminal homicide and arson, and conspiracy for retaliation against a witness and retaliation against a prosecutor or judicial official.

Plowman’s Mother Carolyne McNichol and Larry Walk, are also charged with conspiracy to retaliate against a witness and criminal use of a communication facility.

Blair County Assistant D.A. Peter Weeks said, “the allegations are that there was a conspiracy between the three individuals and that essentially Plowman, who is incarcerated,  was soliciting them to retaliate against victim witnesses in the trial.

Weeks said the three also targeted an assistant district attorney.  

According to the criminal affidavit, the authorities uncovered the alleged plotting  by monitoring calls from the county jail, where Plowman is being held and by obtaining letters he had written.

“We in Blair County will vigorously enforce the law where there is evidence that someone is attempting to thwart the judicial process and prevent or discourage  people against testifying or being a witness,” Weeks said.

Plowman is  scheduled to be sentenced for the child rape conviction on July 10.