Chef Janet joins Morgan Koziar in the kitchen to whip up 3 easy lemon recipes. 

Find the recipes shown below:

Lemon Pepper Chicken


– Bone-In Chicken Breast with Rib Cage & Skin
– Lemon Pepper Seasoning
– Celery leaves

– Wash chicken very well and remove skin
– Cover in lemon pepper seasoning mix, top side only

– Bake on a bed of fresh celery leaves and celery this adds moister to the chicken
– Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes

– Slice chicken and serve with your favorite salad or starch item

Lemon Butter


– Softened Butter

– Lemon Zest


Mix butter and lemon zest together

Lemon Garnish


– Wrap 1/2 lemon face side down in cheesecloth

– Gather cloth and tie in the center with ribbon

– Squeeze on fish or veggies for a refreshing lemon taste without the seeds

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