CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three men of Philadelphia, only two of which have been arrested, were reportedly busted with crack cocaine, heroin/fentanyl and meth.

21-year-old Blessen Sesay

Authorities in Cambria County began a drug investigation into 21-year-old Blessen Sesay, 22-year-old Emmanuel Samuel, and 27-year-old Glenn “Phatz” Veloz back in April, according to charges filed.

On April 6, detectives gave the CI $150 in task force funds to purchase crack cocaine and heroin from Samuel in the Johnstown area. The CI met with both Samuel and Sesay for the drug deal, police noted. Sesay was allegedly driving the vehicle the two arrived in and was present during the exchange.

27-year-old Glenn Veloz

Samuel has not been arrested as of 1:30 p.m. Friday. Police are charging him with three felony and two misdemeanor drug charges.

Then, on April 12, Veloz allegedly sold $100 in heroin/fentanyl to a CI. The deal took place in an alley on Franklin Street, according to police.

It’s reported each CI was equipped with an audio/video monitor. On Thursday, police arrested Sesay and Veloz.

During the arrest of Veloz, police noted he had 24.6 grams of fentanyl worth approximately $4,920 and 6.25 grams of crack cocaine worth approximately $620 as well as a scale and spoon on him.

Sesay was found at Sheetz on Central Avenue and allegedly told officers his name was “Jason James.”

A search warrant was also obtained for Veloz’s home at the 400 block of West Sample Street in Ebensburg Borough, as well, where police found:

  • 84 grams of suspected meth worth approximately $8,400
  • 140.5 grams of suspected cocaine worth approximately $14,500
  • 29.2 grams of suspected crack cocaine worth approximately $3,000
  • $1,732 in cash

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Sesay is in jail with a combined bail of 10 percent of $255,000. He faces two felony drug charges for the alleged April 6 drug deal, and he was hit with a false report charge for giving a fake name to officers Thursday.

Veloz is in jail with a combined bail of 10 percent of $300,000. He faces two felony and one misdemeanor drug charges for the alleged April 12 drug deal. He was also hit with two more felony and two more misdemeanor drug charges after police claimed they found fentanyl and cocaine on him during his arrest as well as the drugs and cash found in Ebensburg.

Both Sesay and Veloz have preliminary hearings scheduled for June 23.

“This is yet another example of the great coordinated work of local and state law enforcement to aggressively protect our neighborhoods,” Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer said. “Thousands of dollars of illegal drugs were confiscated and removed from our streets, including fentanyl and Cocaine. This case demonstrates that law enforcement is fully committed to battling illegal narcotics in large and small towns alike, and we will continue ensuring that our communities are safe.”

The Cambria County Drug Task Force, Cambria County District Attorney’s Office, Cambria County Sheriff’s Department, Johnstown Police Department, FBI Safe Streets Task Force and the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General all worked together on this case.