The Mount Zion Cemetery in Blair County was founded in 1807, and it hasn’t been properly taken care of since.  Bob Dollar is a U.S. Air Force veteran from the area and has dedicated his time to restoring the site.

“The weeds were over 6, 7 feet high.  There were trees growing where trees should not have been growing.  We’ve had everything from a sickle to a tractor in there moving debris, garbage, you name it,” said Dollar.

After months of cleaning and removing debris, three Civil War veterans were identified.

On Saturday, community members gathered for a small ceremony in their honor, which hit close to home for Dollar. 

“These three guys died making this country a country, and they deserve more than what they are getting,” said Dollar

Before it was cleaned up, the cemetery was completely unrecognizable. 

“Standing at that chain linked fence, you couldn’t see any of the stones.  Any of them, even the tall ones, the big ones,” said Eugene Caber who also organized the restoration efforts.

Caber said no one should ever be forgotten.

“The simple idea of people being forgotten.  I hate that idea.  I hope that when I pass, somebody remembers me or at least my grave,” Caber added.

A deed for the cemetery still has not been found.  Dollar said if it comes down it he’d take over the cemetery because t’s just too important.

“It’s history.  We may not agree with it, we may not like it, but it’s still history.  The three Civil War veterans in there were fighting for a cause.  We just can’t forget our four fathers and what they did for us even though I am not related to a person in that place,” said Dollar.