HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)— For the second year, community members of Alexandria Borough participate in a luminary across their town.

This year, the team placed nearly 2500 lights along Main Street and other nearby streets. That is over a thousand more lights than what they accomplished in their first year.

Council-Elect Tori Wilt grew up with the tradition while living in Florida. She mentioned having it in the borough last year and said it felt needed in the community.

“People said, ‘Hey, it’s a really good idea, are we going to do it next year?” Wilt said. “It just kind of snowballed.”

Wilt also noted how it began during a time when unity was necessary. Community member Travis Foster is behind everything the luminary stands for. He knows how excited other residents get when participating.

“We wanted to do something to get the community members involved,” Foster said. “It’s exciting to see the community participating. When there’s a need in this town, our town always comes through.”

So far, the community loves the concept and the meaning behind it. Foster said that lighting up the candles is one of his favorite parts. He thinks about his grandmother every time he see the lights along the street.

“The community loves it,” Foster said. “Every year, it grows and grows. There’s a lot of good feedback, and everybody is excited to do this.”

Wilt and other community members hope this tradition continues for generations. Their next goal is to see neighboring towns in Huntingdon County join the lighting tradition.

“To see this town come together when there’s a need is the most important Christmas gift somebody could ever give,” Foster said.

“For our little nestle and valley, we all really like it,” Wilt said. “From what I hear, they want to continue to do it. It just brings everyone together, it has the Christmas spirit, and it really excites people.”

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