BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa–An all-natural skincare store officials welcome the Central PA community Friday with its grand opening ceremony in Bedford.

Aesthetics by Kell on 114 Juliana street carries 300 skincare products from over 25 natural women-owned brands. Owner Kelly McGee has a passion for skincare and felt a store of this kind was needed in the Bedford area.

McGee is also a registered nurse who specializes in aesthetic medicine. She plans to open a med spa in the future but feels she should be able to offer skin care options to future clients.

“I definitely think this is the first skincare store that we had, and it seems like something was missing, and we’ve had a lot of traction with it,” McGee said. “A lot of people are giving us great feedback, so we’re excited.”

Within the walls of her store is her skin care, Aesthetics by Kell, which she started this year. The brand is a collaboration between her and her sister. The line of products consists of a cleansing bar, cleanser, serums, and lotions.

“It’s really exciting, honestly. I feel very honored to do it,” McGee said. “I’m so passionate about it, and I feel honored to do something I’m passionate about cause not everyone gets that opportunity.

Her store also serves as a refillery, an eco-friendly option for refill containers. People can come and purchase a jar or bring their own and refill numerous products. Those refill options include detergents, all-purpose cleansers, dish and hand soaps, and lotions.

McGee always makes it a resolution to be more eco-friendly. She felt that having a refillery in the store would be the best way to avoid using plastic. Store Manage Kennedy Pearson believes the environmental message is excellent and is glad to see new faces starting businesses.

“I think it’s amazing that we’re bringing more women-owned, women-run businesses to Bedford,” Pearsons said. “I love seeing all the fresh faces open new businesses, and now skincare is a natural interest of mine and passion. I can’t wait; everyone is excited about it.”

So far, McGee has received positive feedback from customers. Her best-selling product right now is her brand’s anti-aging serum. She’s proud of her team for educating the community about the refillery and the different products they carry.

“It’s been a lot of educating the community on how a refillery works, but once they get it, they love the idea,” McGee said. “They’ve been accepting, and people love picking out their skincare here.”

McGee said a med spa would be opening in the same location soon. It will offer a variety of facial procedures, including botox, fillers, micro needling, chemical peels, and IV hydration.

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The store opens every day from 9 to 5 p.m. For the grand opening Saturday, it’ll be 10% off the entire store with two basket giveaways.