SIDMAN, Pa. (WTAJ)– Allegiance Rehabilitation Center in Cambria County opened its doors to visitors Thursday afternoon who wanted free Thanksgiving meals.

The center had the meals delivered by a caterer and prepared them with their own kitchen staff. Program Director Raheem Akmadir-Nahsif says that anyone was welcome and that they hope it helped those who don’t have the time or money to prepare a meal for their family.

“I think that that’s a fantastic help for those people, I mean they have to work for these times and you know maybe they didn’t get an opportunity to feed their families,” says Akmadir-Nahsif. “They can just stop up and get a hot good meal. A very fantastic meal.”

Christopher Hartline, part of the kitchen staff at the center says that he loves that they get to help give back to the local community.

“I hope it means as much to everyone that we prepared it for, because you know some people are less fortunate and can’t get stuff for themselves, and with the prices of today’s food,” says Hartline.

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One those visiting was Dennis Plummer, who was unable to travel to spend Thanksgiving with his family this year.

“My neighbor told me that there was a dinner, I didn’t have no where to go today and no family to spend with today,” says Plummer. “I really appreciated hearing about it and coming here and enjoying the meal.”

Whether they worked or visited, everyone left with something to be thankful for.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to be here,” says Akmadir-Nahsif. “The owner of this company has erected this business and we are helping people. That’s what I’m grateful for.”

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“Well honestly I’m most thankful for you know having a good workplace, people that are here are nice, good clients, family,” says Hartline. “Day to day waking up is good for me.”

“I’m thankful for god saving me, and just thankful for everyone coming together this time of the year and my spirit is with my granddaughter this year, I didn’t get to see her at Thanksgiving but I will sometime in the future and I look forward to it,” says Plummer.