ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Two Altoona brothers were arrested after police said they tried to solicit sex from what they believed were 15-year-old girls.

Michael Strunk, 38, and his brother, Billie Wayne Strunk, 44, were charged with trying to solicit what they thought were 15-year-old girls over social media to meet with them for sex, according to court documents. The 15-year-old girls were decoys set up by an independent group who work to expose predators.

Members of the group were allegedly messaging as 15-year-old’s with both brothers and gave the phone they were using to police on April 21 when they reported Michael. Altoona police noted that the group also confronted Michael outside of his job while he was on break.

Police said the inappropriate messages between Michael and the ‘teen’ included a nude photo of his genitals. While interviewing Michael, police alleged that he admitted to believing the girl was only 15 years old.

According to the criminal complaints for Billie Wayne, another member of the group went to the Altoona police with another cell phone that they used to continue talking to him up through May 12. The group member went to Altoona police and handed over their phone as well.

Billie Wayne allegedly asked what he thought was a 15-year-old for nudes and offered to pay her money. The complaint shows that he sent multiple nudes of himself to the ‘teen.’

It was noted in the criminal complaint of Billie Wayne that messages were also found of him attempting to trade meth with a female family member for sex.

Both Michael and Billie Wayne were arraigned Thursday morning, June 8.

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Michael was placed in Blair County Prison with bail set at $35,000 while Billie Wayne was placed in Blair County Prison with bail set at 10% of $20,000.

Preliminary hearings for both men are scheduled for June 21.