ALTOONA, Pa.(WTAJ)– The Altoona Planning Commission heard a proposal today that would construct a five-story mixed-use building in the parking lot across seventh avenue from the Graystone Grande Palazzo.

The building was proposed by Jeff Long who plans for the top four floors of the building to serve as apartments, holding around twenty four. He is requesting eight waivers and feedback from the commission before filing a formal plan to move forward.

He says that he thinks the bottom floor could be utilized as retail space for residents.

“We’re hoping to get maybe a bake shop over there and a drug store would be great for our residents,” says Long. “I mean with phase three of the Grand Palazza there’s another 200 apartments over there. And it’d be nice to have a little drug store there maybe a convenience store for the residents to shop at.”

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Long says that the apartments may serve as senior housing but that they are unsure yet at this stage of the planning process.