BLAIR COUNTY, PA (WTAJ) – January is National Blood Donor Month and The American Red Cross hosted a blood drive Thursday at the Altoona Grand Hotel.

In December of 2022, bad weather cause blood drives to be canceled and now the American Red Cross is noting the strain that this causes. The blood supply is diminishing and they are looking for new donations every day.

The drive succeeded in their goal of 50 units of blood within the six-hour frame. Account Manager for the American Red Cross, Kristy Replogle, said this blood will go to the local need first. The Red Cross noted that blood is needed to help replenish supplies after the winter holidays.

“We always make sure our local needs are met first,” Replogle said. “But with blood and the Red Cross being able to go nationally so if blood is needed we can transfer blood but always we make sure our local needs are met first.”

Since they were successful, this means they’ll be able to get it to hospitals and avoid delays on any transfusions. However, these donations are also a call to action for anyone who’s healthy to donate.

“Patients rely on blood donations, there is no subsitute. Hospitals they rely on us to provide them with the blood they need for their patients,” Replogle said. “So if we don’t collect blood, and have that blood at the ready, lives can be impacted.”

You can find more blood drives and other places to donate at the RedCrossBlood website. You can also call 1-800-733-2767 to make an appointment.

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Donating at Altoona Community Blood Drive will also mean that you get and an automatic entry to win Super Bowl LVII tickets.