ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Altoona man is facing charges after police said he drove around the city throwing eggs and confetti at people and other cars Wednesday night.

Joshua Novy, 29, is facing charges after a pedestrian called police saying two cars of people drove down Broad Street and threw eggs and confetti at him around 11:40 p.m. May 24.

According to court documents, the witness told police that they heard people yelling and then saw two cars of people, a white sedan and a Toyota Carolla, drive past and throw the eggs and confetti out of the windows. Police noted there was confetti all over the ground and egg on the pedestrian.

Police said this was similar to what had just happened at City Hall Commons where they were just at, saying the same vehicles were throwing eggs and confetti at cars.

Shortly after, police spotted both described cars on the 10th Street expressway downtown. While trying to follow, one sedan went towards 19th Street while the Corolla, driven by Novy, headed around the curve to 17th Street, the complaint shows.

Police tried to conduct a traffic stop, but Novy allegedly sped up to roughly 60 miles per hour and ignored numerous lights, including those on 6th and 7th Avenue near the Altoona junior and senior highs.

Novy finally stopped on Pleasant Valley Boulevard with three others in the car. According to the complaint, Novy denied having anything to do with the eggs, however, police found eggs and confetti poppers in plain view in Novy’s car, they noted.

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Novy is facing charges of fleeing, propulsion of missiles onto roadways, disorderly conduct and lesser traffic charges from the short chase.

Bail was set at 10% of $25,000 and Novy is currently in the Blair County Prison.

There’s no word on if the others involved have been or will be charged as of this writing.