ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ)- The Altoona Police Department hired six new officers Monday in their ongoing hiring process to complete to their department.

These recruits come from multiple backgrounds, ranging from officers serving in other departments across the country or serving in the military for multiple years.

The recruits are now going through police academy training in Harrisburg, where they will also learn the laws in Pennsylvania. After that, they will begin their field training. The officers could be on their own in the streets within six months to a year.

Altoona Police Sergeant Matt Plummer says that the department is excited to have these recruits on board and that they will do well with the community.

“We hired these six officers. They seem like they’re going to be great hires for us,” Plummer said.

But the police department is not done with the recruiting just yet. They now have openings for five more officers to complete their department with 66 officers.

“And I just want to stress that we do have the opening still and we’re encouraging people to apply,” Plummer said. “And they can see the requirements on our Facebook page and see what we do on our Facebook page and see if it’s a right fit for them.”

Anyone interested in applying is required to complete their application by September 10. Then a fitness test will follow on the 18th.

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