ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Altoona woman was arrested after police said she left a toddler in a car while she was shopping at a Dollar General store.

Court documents show that 28-year-old Anna Stern was placed in Blair County Prison after police were called to the Dollar General store on N. 4th Avenue in the Juniata section of Altoona.

According to the criminal complaint, Stern had left a 16-month-old child in a car Friday, Sept. 1, while she was inside shopping. One samaritan, who took the child from the car, said she noticed that music was blasting, the keys were in the ignition, the doors were unlocked and a child was inside.

Another samaritan said he went into the store shouting for the car owner and that’s when Stern came forward.

According to the complaint, Stern said she was only in there for about ten minutes. She told police that she spoke with the man who yelled for her and then chose a few of the “most important” items from her cart and went to the checkout.

Police said that when they arrived, the child was in Stern’s arms and covered in sweat, crying. They also noted in the complaint that it was 76 degrees outside when they were there.

Security footage from the store showed that Stern was in the building for roughly 11 minutes, police said. They also found that Stern had a suspended license.

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Stern is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment and lesser summary offenses. She was placed in Blair County Prison in lieu of $30,000.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 13 at 9 a.m.